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Effect of Double Base Propellant Structure on Detonation Performance


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Effect of Double Base Propellant Structure on Detonation Performance
WEI Xiao-anWANG Ze-shan
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
charge structures double base propellants detonation performances detonation velocity gaps high speed photograph
To research the detonation velocity of different charge structures and their destruction influence on steel,a double base propellant with single hole is studied,with the outer diameter of 45.5 mm,the inner diameter of 8.2 mm and the density of 1.61 g/cm3.Different unit length,different unit gap length and whether the gap is filled with a oxidizer elastomer is set in the propellant structures.The results of detonation velocity test and testimony board show that the charge structures are detonated completely and the detonation velocity changes from 6.7 km/s to 7.25 km/s if the gaps are filled with oxidizer elastomer.If the gaps are empty,the detonation performance is decreased with the increase of the gap length,and the charge structure can not be detonated if the unit length is less than 50 mm and the gap length is more than 3 mm.The test results show the detonation velocity of the charge structure with the unit length of 80 mm and the gap length of 5 mm is 1.9 km/s,which is verified through testimony board which speed photograph.


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