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Exchange of Doping Ions of Conducting Polyaniline


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Exchange of Doping Ions of Conducting Polyaniline
HAO Qing-liYAN Zhen-zhenZHOU QianWANG XinLU Lu-deYANG Xu-jie
Key Laboratory of Soft Chemistry and Functional Materials,Ministry of Education,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
doping ions electrochemistry ion exchange polyaniline cyclic voltammetry
Polyaniline(PANI) films doped with camphorsulfonic acid(CSA) and hydrocholoric acid(HCl) on gold electrodes are prepared by using an electrochemical method in order to study the doping ion exchanges of PANI.The exchange of the doping ions in each PANI film doped individually with two kinds of ions is investigated in CSA and HCl aqueous solutions,respectively,by means of cyclic voltammetry(CV),electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS),scanning electron microscopy(SEM),and raman spectrometry(Raman).The result shows that the CSA-with a large ionic radius in a PANI film can be exchanged easily by small ion Cl-in the electrolyte.On the contrary,it is difficult to exchange Cl-by CSA-ion.Moreover,the morphology of PANI is not changed before and after doping ionic exchange,and it is so called a morphology ’memory’ effect.


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