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Optimization of Plasma Parameters for Radar Stealth


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Optimization of Plasma Parameters for Radar Stealth
HE Xiang1CHEN Jian-ping2NI Xiao-wu1WU Ying1CHEN Yu-dong2ZENG Xiao-jun2QIN Hai-chao2
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Beijing Aeronautical Technology Research Center,Beijing 100076,China
radars stealth plasmas electric number density collision frequency thickness
Aming at the problems of the Absorption and attenuation of radar waves by plasma,the reflection of radar waves by a metal target covered with inhomogeneous plasma is calculated by solving the wave equations.The plasma is chosen in the peak electric number density of 5×1016~1018 m-3,the collision frequency of 10-1~103 GHz and the thickness of 0~0.5 m.The results show that the stealth against high-frequency radar waves is enhanced with the increase of electric number density,and the collision frequency needs to be improved simultaneously to ensure the stealth against low-frequency radar waves.If the thickness of plasma is increased effectively,the required plasma density can be decreased several or even tens of times.If the plasma density gradients become sharper,the nonlinear attenuation appears.The stealth effect can not be enhanced significantly with the increase of the plasma thickness.To meet the stealth requirement of 10dB radar,the required thickness of plasma is calculated under various electric number densities and collision frequencies.The results show that the most efficacious stealth can be achieved by optimizing the plasma parameters of collision frequency and thickness under the limited electric number density of plasma.


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