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Discernibility Relation-based Rough Set in Incomplete Decision System


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Discernibility Relation-based Rough Set in Incomplete Decision System
WEI Li-hua1TANG Zhen-min1DING Hui12WU Gang1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Mathematics & Information Engineering,Jiaxing University,Jiaxing 314001,China;3.College of Information Science & Technology,Drexel University,Philadelphia,PA 19104,USA
incomplete decision system indiscernibility relation discernibility relation lower approximation upper approximation approximation reducts
Considering discernibility that the classical rough set approach based on indiscernibility relation rarely concerns discernibility relation,the classical rough set model is extended on the basis of discernibility relation.A discernibility relation-based rough set theory is further advanced for incomplete decision system in this paper.Indiscernibility relation reflects the commonness of things while discernibility relation displays individuality between them and the rough set model based on discernibility relation can be used to simplify negative rules.In this paper,a new discernibility relation is defined and the main properties of the lower and upper approximations are verified based on the discernibility relation before the construction of the new rough set model.The corresponding judging theorem and computing process for approximation reducts are thereby advanced.


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