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Key Management Based on Trusted Computing Platform


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Key Management Based on Trusted Computing Platform
LI Xin-ming12ZHANG Gong-xuan1SHI Chao1SONG Bin1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Key Lab,Institute of Equipment Command & Technology,Beijing 101416,China
trusted computing trusted computing platform key key management
Duo to the limitation of security protection only by software,a trusted computing framework of embedded trusted security model(ETSM) is proposed according to the trusted computing technology and the national related trusted cryptography module(TCM) interface specification.Moreover,for the key management methods of the trusted computing core content,an ETSM-based key management architecture is presented.The modules of encryption/decryption algorithms(or engines),key management and random key generation are built and stored in ETSM hardware.Some important functions of key management are designed and implemented in the key management architecture.The management strategies are given for dual-port key cache management and external key storage management.As for the hardware environment,it is a heterogeneous system of dual processors with individual ETSM and personal computer(PC) host.The PC host can quickly exchange messages with ETSM through the peripheral component interconnect(PCI) interface and achieve the encryption/decryption of sensitive data or files.The related keys are stored in non-violate memory of ETSM so that the encrypted data are of high security.It is an efficient scheme to enhance the system’s trustworthiness and the scheme meets the requirement of trusted computing platform’s integrity and security.


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