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Driver Fatigue Monitoring Based on Eye State Recognition


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Driver Fatigue Monitoring Based on Eye State Recognition
WANG QiongWANG HuanZHAO Chun-xiaYANG Jing-yu
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
driver fatigue monitoring eye tracking face tracking eye state recognition
A driver fatigue monitoring algorithm based on eye state recognition is proposed here.In the first frame,eye windows are detected by face detection followed with an accurate eye localization algorithm.For eye tracking,several complementary features are extracted from the detected eye window and fused in probability form in particle filter tracking framework.The CAMShift algorithm is also exploited to track the face region,and the eye detection algorithm is still used to detect reliable eye pairs,so as to verify and correct the tracking result of the particle filter.The spirit status of drivers can be detected by analyzing eye states in continuous image frames.Experiments show that the proposed algorithm can well handle pose changes,camera jitter and partial occlusion.


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