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Object Tracking Method Based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Texture Characteristic


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Object Tracking Method Based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Texture Characteristic
WU GangTANG Zhen-minCHENG YongZHU FengWEI Li-hua
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
object tracking textures gray level co-occurrence matrix
Based on the texture characteristic,the object tracking method which integrates gray level co-occurrence matrix texture’s characteristic into system’s framework is proposed.By doing experiments on standard video under OpenCV,the functions about the gray level co-occurrence matrix texture,local binary model texture and gray color characteristic are tested in contrastive experimentations using a particle filter tracking algorithm.The capabilities about resisting analogous color’s disturbance and working time are embodied in experimentation using gray level co-occurrence matrix texture.The excellent quality of the gray level co-occurrence matrix texture is indicated by correlative testing data and contrastive results,which can boost up the holistic capability of the tracking system.


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