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Optimal Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing System Based on Petri Net and Dynamic Weighting Heuristic Strategy


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Optimal Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing System Based on Petri Net and Dynamic Weighting Heuristic Strategy
HUANG BoZHAO Chun-xiaSUN Ya-min
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
flexible manufacturing system Petri net scheduling algorithm heuristic function
To improve the efficiency of scheduling of flexible manufacturing system(FMS) based on Petri net,an optimal scheduling algorithm is developed.It adopts an improved method for selecting the optimal nodes to improve the search ability of nodes.In the search process,dynamic weighting heuristic function is used to ensure that the optimal or sub-optimal solution is to be found.The algorithm also adopts a relaxed algorithm which combines A* algorithm and depth first algorithm to accelerate the convergence speed of the algorithm.They can reduce the number of the nodes considered in the search process of reachability graph and quicken the convergence speed.Moreover,the quality of the search result is controllable.The effect of the algorithm is proved by the experiment made in the paper.


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