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Hierarchic Scheduling Policy Based on Fuzzy Feedback in Networked Control Systems


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Hierarchic Scheduling Policy Based on Fuzzy Feedback in Networked Control Systems
GAO Zheng-nanFAN Wei-huaCHEN Qing-weiHU Wei-li
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
networked control systems industrial ethernet priority bandwidth allocation hierarchic scheduling fuzzy feedback
According to the characteristics in industrial ethernet networked control systems(IE-NCS),limited priority queues and finite network bandwidth shared by control-loop data,non-realtime data and emergent data,a hierarchic scheduling policy based on fuzzy feedback(HSP-FF) is presented.Requirements of PoC(Performance of control) of control loops and QoS(Quality of service) of non-realtime nodes are comprehensively considered in HSP-FF.The bandwidth range of every control-loop and non-control node is periodically allocated by the appointed scheduling node.Within the allocated bandwidth range,the period and packet priority of control loops are dynamically set by considering error and error difference of control loops in the controller node;the packet length and packet priority of non-control nodes are dynamically set by considering time delay and packet drop rate in the non-realtime node.HSP-FF is validated by the comparative experiment with LEDF(Linearly earliest deadline first),LEDF+DB(Deadband),LMTS(Linearly mixed traffic scheduling) and LMTS+DB.


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