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Power Amplifier Nonlinear Effect Compensation for Multicarrier Complementary Phase-coded Radar Signal


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Power Amplifier Nonlinear Effect Compensation for Multicarrier Complementary Phase-coded Radar Signal
GU Cun-fengWU Wen
Ministerial Key Laboratory of JGMT,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
multi-carrier complementary phase-coded radars nonlinear effect compensation power amplifiers
In view of the problem that the high peak-to-mean envelope power ratio(PMEPR) of multicarrier complementary phase-coded(MCPC) radar signal is easily influenced by the power amplifier nonlinear effects,the influences of power amplifier nonlinear effects on MCPC radar signal range imaging are analyzed by citing Saleh power amplifier nonlinear model.A new MCPC radar signal structure of transmitting single pulse twice and nonlinear parameters extraction approach of echoes self-correlation are proposed for power amplifier nonlinear effect compensation.Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that: the proposed approach can separate nonlinear effects and Doppler influences;the compensation procedures are immune to Doppler and noise;Doppler information in echoes can be reserved during compensation.


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