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Bistatic Phase-coded Radar Signal Design Based on Range-velocity Ambiguity Function


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Bistatic Phase-coded Radar Signal Design Based on Range-velocity Ambiguity Function
WANG Hai-qinZHANG Jin-dongZHU Xiao-hua
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
range-velocity ambiguity function bistatic radars phase-coded radar signals
To solve the problem that the shape of range-velocity ambiguity function(RVAF) and the resolution characteristic of a bistatic radar are affected by the position of target,a new bistatic phase-coded radar signal design method is proposed based on a target position.The special geometrical configuration and the ambiguity function of the bistatic radar is analyzed.The expression of the RVAF and the range and velocity resolution of the bistatic phase-coded radar signal are deduced.The code width and the numbers are determined by the target position and the phase codes are optimized by the simulated annealing algorithm.The optimized signal can maintain the range and velocity resolution and minimize the integrated sidelobe level(ISL) of the correlator output.Simulation results show that this method improves the detection performance of the bistatic radar signal.


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