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Dynamic Design for Ammunition Swing Device of Large Caliber Ship Gun


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Dynamic Design for Ammunition Swing Device of Large Caliber Ship Gun
HOU JianKE Xue-weiWEI PingFAN Long-long
Department of Weaponry Engineering,Naval University of Engineering,Wuhan 430033,China
ammunition swing devices finite element method flexible body dynamics dynamic design
According to the design requirements of swing-up time and structure strength of the ammunition swing device of a naval gun,a dynamic design process is conducted here.Through solving the rigid dynamic equations of the device,the initial design parameters are obtained.The Craig-Bampton modes are solved using the Finite Element Method,and the dynamic equations of the mechanism system considering the swing arm to be a flexible body are built.By solving the multi-body dynamic equations,the time response history of dynamic stress of the swing arm and the vibration response of the ammunition at stop position are obtained.The simulation results for different spring stiffness,different spring preload,and different swing arm thickness are compared.According to the computation data,one group of design parameters satisfying the given design requirements are obtained.The dynamic design method can improve the reliability and accuracy of the device in design and this design result can provide reference for practical engineering design.


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