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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Gun Recoil Brake Based on Dynamic Mesh


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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Gun Recoil Brake Based on Dynamic Mesh
ZHANG Xiao-dongZHANG Pei-linFU Jian-pingWANG Cheng
Department of Artillery Engineering,Ordnance Engineering College,Shijiazhuang 050003,China
recoil brakes flow fields dynamic mesh numerical simulation
Considering the limitation of the traditional one-dimensional model of flow field calculation in a gun recoil brake in reflecting its interior flow characteristics exactly,a two-dimensional model of flow field calculation is proposed based on dynamic mesh.Numerical simulation of flow field in a gun recoil brake is carried out by Fluent software.A dynamic layering method combined with Profile driven mechanism is applied in mesh zone movement.The model can reflect the real structure of a gun recoil brake and its interior flow characteristics.Comparing the calculated pressure with the actual pressure,the results indicate this method has high accuracy.The pressure and velocity distribution in a gun recoil brake and the instantaneous changes of interior flow field are obtained by the numerical simulation.The generation,movement,coalition and cleavage rules of spiral vortex in a typical structure are shown.The results can give theoretical support for the design of gun recoil brake structure.


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