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Surface Roughness of AlMn1Cu and Cutting Parameter Optimization in High-speed End Milling


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Surface Roughness of AlMn1Cu and Cutting Parameter Optimization in High-speed End Milling
WANG Zhen-hua1ZHAO Chen-gang2YUAN Jun-tang1HU Xiao-qiu1DENG Wen1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Mechanical Engineering,Anyang Institute of Technology,Anyang 210094,China
high-speed milling surface roughness aluminum alloy cutting parameters genetic algorithm
In order to improve the machined surface quality and processing efficiency of the anti-rust aluminum alloy,a series of cutting experiments on AlMn1Cu is conducted to study the effect of the cutting parameters on the surface roughness in high-speed milling.According to the analysis result of variance(ANOVA) of factorial experiments,the cutting parameters significantly influencing the surface roughness are presented.The predictive mathematic model of surface roughness based on the cutting parameters is established by using the least-squares regression method.An optimization model of cutting parameters leading to maximum material removal rate is built according to the predictive mathematic model of surface roughness,and the genetic algorithm is employed to find the optimum cutting parameters in the different ranges of surface roughness values.The processing efficiency of the ALMn1Cu functional parts of a new type of radar in machining experiment increases by two times utilizing the research results.


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