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Algae-removal Effects of PAC/PDM on Taihu Lake Prechlorination Algae-rich Water in Summer


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Algae-removal Effects of PAC/PDM on Taihu Lake Prechlorination Algae-rich Water in Summer
ZHAO Xiao-leiZHANG Yue-junLI Xiao-xiaoLIU ChengZHU Ling-ling
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
polydimethyldiallylammonium chloride polyaluminum chloride composite coagulants algae-removal Taihu Lake water in summer prechlorination
The algae-removal efficiencies of the series of stable PAC/PDM composite coagulants composed of polyaluminum chloride(PAC) and polydimethyldiallylammonium chloride(PDM) on Taihu Lake prechlorination algae-rich water in summer are researched.The effects of composite coagulants with different mass percents(5%~20%) and intrinsic viscosity values(0.55~3.99 dL/g) of PDM on algae-removal rates and on values of COD and NH-N3 of effluent water after coagulation and sediment are studied through jar tests.The results show that for chlorine-added water with temperature of 29~30 ℃,turbidity of 34~37 NTU and algae cell density of 6.24×104 cells/mL,when residual turbidity of 2 NTU in effluent water is required by water plant,the dosages(based on Al2O3) of PAC,PAC/PDM(0.55/5%~3.99/20%) composite coagulants are 7.69,5.55~3.32 mg/L and the algae-removal rates are 89.50%,91.54%~94.01% respectively.Using composite coagulants can obviously increase the removal rates of COD and NH-N3 to chlorine-added water compared with using PAC solely.PAC/PDM composite coagulants can evidently enhance the algae-removal efficiencies of PAC on Taihu Lake chlorine-added water in summer.Compared with the single use of PAC,the PAC dosages in composite coagulants are saved if the residual turbidities are required in a same level.The treatment effects are enhanced and the effluent water quality is improved when the PAC dosages in composite coagulants are the same as the PAC dosage of using PAC solely.


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