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Error Measurement and Analysis Algorithm of Ball Track of Ball Screw Shaft


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Error Measurement and Analysis Algorithm of Ball Track of Ball Screw Shaft
FENG Hu-tianLI Chun-meiTAO Wei-junOU Yi
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
ball screw shafts ball tracks geometric parameters data acquisition error analysis
The measurement and calculation method of the ball track geometry of a ball screw shaft is studied here.The data collected are divided into ball track data and ball screw shaft outer diameter data in the algorithm.These two data are fitted separately,the ball track geometric parameters are achieved and the evaluation method is given.Using the non-contact measurement method and by collecting the error of the ball track cross section data of a ball screw shaft,all ball track parameters are obtained in the experimental system.The method can achieve the measurement and analysis of the nominal diameter,the ball screw shaft outer diameter,lead,ball track run-out,ball track shape errors can be achieved.Compared with the original tedious manual testing methods,this test system has the advantages such as more collected data points and efficiency.The ball screw shaft error from the measurement results is presented better.


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