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Analysis on Stopping Period of Square Plansifter with Self-adjustable Inertial Exciter


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Analysis on Stopping Period of Square Plansifter with Self-adjustable Inertial Exciter
QIU Ming1LIAO Zhen-qiang1LI Gui-hong1JIAO Wei-dong2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Zhengzhou Airplane Equipment Company,Zhengzhou 450005,China
plansifters inertial exciter stopping periods resonance numerical simulation
To eliminate the resonance during stopping period in square plansifter,the method of numerical simulation is employed to design a novel inertial exciter whose eccentric distance is self-adjustable.Considering the mechanical characteristic of the three-phase asynchronous motor and the friction torque of bearing,the numerical result of the stopping process of system with unchangeable exciter and self-adjustable exciter are obtained respectively in MATLAB.The law of influence of the initial eccentric distance,stiffness and damping of the new exciter on the stopping time is analyzed.The results show that the maximum instantaneous amplitude and the stopping time can be greatly shortened during stopping period by the novel exciter which has the appropriate parameters.The result offers an important reference for improving the working performance and the life of the square plansifter and the inertial vibrating machine.


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