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Elasticity of 1R2T Wire-driven Parallel Rehabilitation Robots


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Elasticity of 1R2T Wire-driven Parallel Rehabilitation Robots
WANG Ke-yi12ZHANG Li-xun1MENG Hao2
1.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;2.College of Automation,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150090,China
wire-driving elasticity dynamics platforms rehabilitation robots static stiffness dynamics
Based on the 3-DOF(1R2T type)wire-driven plane system of the parallel rehabilitation robot,the effects of the wire elasticity and tension on the static stiffness of the moving platform are analyzed.It is dissoverd that,if tensions are the same,the effects are different according to the various wire elasticity.The ADAMS software is used to simulate the influencing relationship between wire tension and wire stiffness,finding out that the effect of wire elasticity on the static stiffness is greater than that of the tension.The vibration state of the disturbed system is also simulated and the results indicate that the anti-jamming performance can be improved by increasing the tension.The dynamic equations containing the wire elasticity are built and used to calculate the system inputs including the wire tensions according to the desired trajectory.The dynamic characteristics of the system are analyzed by simulating in the ADAMS and MATLAB.The experimental investigation is conducted as well.Both results show that,because of the wire elasticity,the practical motion range of the moving platform decreases and the pose error appeares and becomes bigger as the controlling distance increases.


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