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Configuration and Half Size Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of Projectile Attitude Determination Based on Magnetic Sensors Only


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Configuration and Half Size Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of Projectile Attitude Determination Based on Magnetic Sensors Only
LI Ding12BU Xiong-zhu1XIANG Chao1ZENG Jun1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.College of Electricaland Information Engineeing,Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology,Changzhou 213001,China
spinning projectile magnetic sensors only configuration projectile attitude magnetic deviation attitude solution
In allusion to the problem that the three-axis magnetic sensor can not calculate three attitude angles,a new type of attitude measurement scheme of spinning projectile is presented by the modified configuration of magnetic sensors.The mathematical model of magnetic sensor combination is established.The pitch angle is achieved by the method of list table in the range of yaw angles using the ratio of the extremum of two nonorthogonal installed magnetic sensors.The yaw angle is calculated by the orthogonal three-axis magnetic sensor.The half size hardware-in-the-loop simulation is accomplished on the three-axis rotary platform and the attitude angles are calculated.The experimental results indicate that the error of attitude angles is within 1°,the correct yaw angle can be obtained using the 12-position calibrating method to compensate the magnetic deviation.


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