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Nonlinear Predictive Control for Continuous Stirred-tank Reactor Using Hammerstein Model


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Nonlinear Predictive Control for Continuous Stirred-tank Reactor Using Hammerstein Model
WANG Qing-chaoZHANG Jian-zhong
School of Energy Science and Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
nonlinear predictive control Hammerstein model least square support vector machine continuous stirred-tank reactors
A nonlinear predictive control method based on a least square support vector machine Hammerstein model is proposed for a continuous stirred-tank reactor(CSTR).A least square support vector machine(LSSVM) is used to approximate the static nonlinearity of the Hammerstein model,and a linear autoregressive model with exogenous input(ARX) is used to represent the linear block.A nonlinear predictive controller is designed based on the Hammerstein model of CSTR.The nonlinear predictive control is converted into a linear predictive control model and a nonlinear inverse model.A predictive control law is deduced,and the inverse model of the nonlinear part is constructed consequently.The proposed control scheme is compared with the traditional nonlinear predictive control and PI controller.Simulation results of CSTR indicate that the proposed nonlinear predictive controller has the highest accuracy in set point tracking of product concentration in comparison with the other two controllers.


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