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PID Congestion Control Based on Back Propagation Neural Network in Ad Hoc Network


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PID Congestion Control Based on Back Propagation Neural Network in Ad Hoc Network
CHEN Liang12ZHANG Hong1LIU Feng-yu1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Information Department,Nantong Textile Vocational Technology College,Nantong 226007,China
Ad Hoc network congestion control back propagation neural network proportional integral derivative
To improve the dynamic performance of the proportional integral derivative(PID) control and the optimize PID control parameter tuning in the Ad Hoc network active queue management(AQM),this paper proposes an AQM scheme about the PID congestion control based on the back propagation neural network(BPNN).Packet losses are divided into congestion loss and wireless loss in Ad Hoc network.Taking the arrival and loss packets as fluids,the stochastic differential relation between congestion windows and queue lengths is deduced.An AQM congestion control model in Ad Hoc network is proposed through small perturbations and linearized theory.The PID queue controller based on the BPNN is designed on the basis of the model.The algorithm can make adaptive adjustments to the controller PID coefficients according to the network situation.MATLAB and network simulator simulations indicate that the new algorithm is superior to the PID in rapidity of convergence and queue oscillation under the Ad Hoc network sudden flow,time-varying link capacity and delay condition.


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