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Path Planning Based on Fuzzy Rolling Rapidly-exploring Random Tree for Mobile Robot


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Path Planning Based on Fuzzy Rolling Rapidly-exploring Random Tree for Mobile Robot
KANG LiangZHAO Chun-xiaGUO Jian-hui
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
mobile robots path planning fuzzy control rolling plan rapidly-exploring random tree
The mobile robot path planning in an unknown environment is studied.The rapidly-exploring random tree(RRT) algorithm is combined with the rolling path planning in the planning,and a novel path planning is proposed.It is performed on-line in a rolling style,so that the RRT algorithm can be used in path planning not only when the environment is known but also unknown.Only the local environment map is calculated in planning so as to improve the planning efficiency,and the real time is guaranteed.Owing to lack of certainty in path planning of RRT,the random configuration using both fuzzy control theory and human experience is forced to coincide with the desired area with some finite probability.The algorithm has introduced the heuristic evaluation function so that the exploring random tree will grow in the direction of target point.The regression analysis,which avoids local minima,enhances the capability of searching an unknown space.The method effectiveness is verified by simulation results.


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