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Monte Carlo Simulation and Implementation of Photon Counting Image Based on APD


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Monte Carlo Simulation and Implementation of Photon Counting Image Based on APD
YIN Li-ju12CHEN Qian1GU Guo-hua1GONG Si-xia1
1.Ministerial Key Laboratory of JGMT,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Electricaland Electronic Engineering,Shandong University of Technology,Zibo 255049,China
imaging systems avalanche photodiodes photon counting
The low light level(LLL) imaging is studied by means of the theory of statistical optics.The imaging process of the photon counting image is simulated by the Monte Carlo method and combining the working characteristics of the avalanche photodiode(APD) photon detector.The results indicate that the photon counting image can be obtained by the simulation experiments which make use of the performances of the APDs and statistical law of the motion of the photons.The photon counting imaging experimental system is built based on the simulation flow.A series of photon counting values is obtained by scanning the target at 10-5lx.The data of photon counting are stored and calculated to get the photon counting images.The experimental results prove that the 2-dimensional imaging detection can be implemented based on the APDs in the low light level conditions.


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