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Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Flow Past Cube


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Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Flow Past Cube
QIN Pen-gaoCHEN Zhi-huaLI Bao-ming
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
adaptive mesh refinement method supersonic flow shock waves wake flow
To improve the understanding of the shock wave structure and the modification of the wake flow for the supersonic flow past a bluff body,the adaptive mesh refinement(AMR) method and the AUSMDV scheme are employed to achieve the numerical solutions of Euler equations.A benchmark example of forward facing step is chosen as a validation example.The merits of using the AMR are proved with the comparison of the results here to those in previous literatures.A three-dimensional supersonic flow at different Mach numbers,Ma=3.0,2.0,past a cube is numerically investigated.The results show the variations of bow shock waves in front of the cube and the development processes of the vortex street behind the cube under different Mach numbers.


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