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Signal Processing Technique for Active Radar with Polarization and Frequency Agility


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Signal Processing Technique for Active Radar with Polarization and Frequency Agility
SONG Li-zhongWU Qun
Postdoctoral Research Station of Electronics Science and Technology,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
guidance radars mono-pulse radars polarization agility frequency agility
In order to improve the performances of the modern guidance radars in electronic warfares,this paper proposes a kind of radar system with frequency and polarization agility and discusses the corresponding signal processing technique.The theorem and structure of mono-pulse radar with polarization agility are discussed,two kinds of transmitted signals with frequency and polarization agility are introduced and the full polarization echo signal model is established based on the polarization scattering theory of a radar target.In the signal processing,the echo signal is orthogonally demodulated and sampled;the effective target detection is realized through the polarization parameter estimation of the target and interferences and polarization matching calculation;the target angle measurement and tracking using the reliable target signal data is finished.The compatibility of the polarization agility and frequency agility is discussed in this paper.The results of theoretical analysis and simulation experiment reveal that the polarization agility technique can improve the anti-jamming ability of the traditional frequency agility radar when the target can be distinguished from the interferences in the polarization domain.


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