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Methodology for Software Architecture Risk Assessment


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Methodology for Software Architecture Risk Assessment
XU Jian12JING Wen-juan1YAN Han1ZHANG Hong1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology,Nanjing University,Nanjing 210093,China
risk assessment unified model language specification software architecture dynamic metrics
In order to improve the software development process and the quality of software products,this paper presents a methodology for risk assessment at the design stages of the development lifecycle,namely,the architecture level.The methodology uses dynamic complexity metrics to define the complexity factors for the architecture elements(components).Severity analysis is performed using the reachability matrix applied to architecture models.Severity and complexity factors are combined to develop risk factors for the architecture components.A risk analysis algorithm is developed that aggregates the risk factors of the components to the architectural level.Using the risk aggregation and the risk analysis model,this paper shows how to analyze the overall risk factor of the architecture as the function of the risk factors of its constituting components.A case study of digital sound recorder’s architecture is used to illustrate the application of the methodology.The results show that the methodology can evaluate the risk factors of the components,scenarios and subsystems and identify the critical components,scenarios and subsystems.


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