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Airborne SINS/CNS Location Integrated System


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Airborne SINS/CNS Location Integrated System
QU QiangLIU Jian-yeXIONG ZhiLI Rong-bing
College of Automation Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
celestial navigation systems stapdown inertial navigation systems location integration attitude matrix
To release the restrictions caused by horizontal coordinate of celestial navigation system(CNS) for flight application and achieve SINS/CNS location integrated navigation,with the attitude matrix of stapdown inertial navigation system(SINS),the height and azimuth angles in celestial coordinate are converted to the corresponding angles in navigation coordinate,so that the flight CNS location identification can be achieved by the altitude difference method.To insure the observability of altitude channel,the scheme of CNS/SINS location integrated system assisted by barometric altimeter is designed.The measurement equations are constructed by the redundant information of CNS,SINS and barometric altimeter.The SINS location information is estimated by Kalman filter.The simulation result shows that with the good position accuracy of CNS and integrated CNS/SINS assisted by barometric altimeter,the accumulated errors of gyro and acceleration are effectively eliminated.The convergence conditions of the evaluation covariance curves of velocity and attitude show that the location integrated Kalman filter also has an effect on the evaluation of velocity and attitude.


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