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Top-k Subgraph Query Algorithm on Uncertain Social Networks Based on Summary Graph


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Top-k Subgraph Query Algorithm on Uncertain Social Networks Based on Summary Graph
SHI Quan12XIAO Yang-hua3LU Yi-qi3WANG Heng-shan1
1.School of Management,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China;2.School of Computer Science and Technology,Nantong University,Nantong 226019,China;3.School of Computer Science,Fudan University,Shanghai 200433,China
social networks summary graphs Top-k query
Aimed at the Top-k subgragh query problem for an uncertain Web social network,with the basic model of an undirected,vertex labeled and edge weighted simple graph,a summary graph is designed to represent social networks and encode the information of original graphs.The Top-k subgraph isomorphism query algorithm is proposed.Extensive experimental results from real and synthetic network data show: the operation time of the Top-k subgraph query algorithm based on summary graphs decreases compared with the VF2 algorithm;because the main foundation to construct a summary graph is the label of a vertex,the label distribution of a query graph has a great effect on the query performance;the query performance of the algorithm is improved by the index method with the increase of the vertex label number,but the query performance of the VF2 algorithm is not influenced;with the increase of the number of vertexes,compared with the VF2 algorithm,the increase of the time consumption of the algorithm is slow;the algorithm has stable and efficient performance on Top-k query.


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