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Propagation Strategy of Worms in Complicated Network Environment


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Propagation Strategy of Worms in Complicated Network Environment
ZHANG KaiQIAN Huan-yan
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
complicated network environments IPv6 worms scanning strategies propagation models
To solve the problems that the traditional worm using single scanning strategy can not spread fast in IPv6 net and the network using network address translation(NAT) equipments,a new type of worm scanning strategy applying a subnet scanning strategy based on Teredo service in local subnet and scanning strategy based on search engines in inter-subnet is presented.By modifying the classical simple epidemic model(SEM),the propagation of the worm using this scanning strategy is analyzed based on the derivation of the propagation velocity formular of worms.The simulation experiment results show: compared with other worms,the time for the worm using the scanning strategy to infect extranet hot is 10% of that of the traditional worms in a complicated network environment,so that it has a faster propagation velocity and larger propagation region.


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