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Numerical Analysis on Effect of High Temperature Gas in Bore on Ignition Process of Base Bleed Propellant


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Numerical Analysis on Effect of High Temperature Gas in Bore on Ignition Process of Base Bleed Propellant
ZHANG Ling-keZHOU Yan-huangZHAO WeiCAO Yong-jie
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
interior ballistics base bleed propellants propellant gases ignition
According to the characteristics of high-temperature and high-pressure propellant gas in bore and the main thermal exchanging style for heating ignition of base bleed propellant,a physical model of ignition process is built to study the ignition property of base bleed propellant in the gun interior ballistic process.The mathematical model of the ignition process based on the condensed-phase ignition theory model for energetic material is constructed considering the heat transfer boundary conditions of thermal convection and radiation only.The projectile-base environment is determined via simultaneous solution of the interior ballistic model and the state equation of gas in bore.Aiming at a type of 155 mm artillery equipped with a base bleed projectile,the ignition process and affecting factors are analyzed.The numerical analysis results show: the base temperature of a projectile decreases with time change;the ignition occurs in a thin layer near the inside surface of a propellant about 120 μm;the ignition delay time is about 1.672 ms;with the independent increase of gas velocity or radian heat flux,the ignition delay time of base bleed propellant presents a three-order plolynominial fuction decreasing trend for each factor.


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