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Optimization Design for Cartridge Retaining Mechanism Springs of Gun with Rotating Chamber


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Optimization Design for Cartridge Retaining Mechanism Springs of Gun with Rotating Chamber
ZHAO Rui-xueQIAN Lin-fangCHEN Long-miaoTIAN Jian-hui
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
rotating chambers guns cartridge retaining mechanisms springs optimization design normalization methods
To reduce the contact forces between shell and retaining pawl,shell and hold-down plate in the cartridge retaining mechanism of gun with a rotating chamber,and prolong the life of those parts,an optimization design for three compression springs is carried out via building motion differential equations of the shell during feeding and positioning.The spring intermediate diameters,spring wire diameters,number of effective coils,pre-deformation,assembled height are supposed as the design variables.The multi-objective optimization problem of the minimum forces and minimum weights of the springs is normalized based on a multiplication-division method.Optimum results are obtained after optimization calculation with the proper shell-feed and spring design requirements as the constraint conditions.Compared with the original design parameters,the maximum forces of three springs of optimum results are reduced by 23.1%,19.8% and 34.6%,the spring weights decrease by 58.8%,42.0% and 77.8%.


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