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Automatic Flaw Recognition Method of Fluorescent Magnetic Detection


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Automatic Flaw Recognition Method of Fluorescent Magnetic Detection
LU Bao-chun1LI Jian-wen1CHEN Ji-peng1WANG Jing1LI Chun-jian2TANG Hai-chang2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Shengjieda NDT Device Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,Yancheng 224300,China
fluorescent magnetic detection flaw recognition image segmentation image morphology regional growing
To overcome the problems of heavy workload,low efficiency,low accuracy and serious health hazard of the process of manual observation in fluorescent magnetic detection,a new automatic image processing and flaw recognition method is proposed.Through analyzing magnetic mark photos,a color image segmentation method is designed based on the choice function of "color range" in Photoshop.The image denoising and restoration algorithm is given based on an image morphology.The single connected region is extracted efficiently through the optimization of region growing algorithm.The flaw recognition method is designed based on the character differences between true and false signals.Taking the sample image for example,the algorithm is debugged in the VC environment integrated with OpenCV.The results show: the interference signal of the blue-purple region formed by ultraviolet light irradiation and the dark green region formed by attachment magnetic powder in the origin image is flitted by the color image segmentation model;the speckle noise is removed after open operation,image distortion is caused by disconnecting some smell regions in the process of open operation;the image is reduced by close operation,the character targets of the image are kept well;with the improvement of the recognition efficiency,the universality and accuracy of the recognition method is improved.


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