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Analysis on Design Reliability of Strong Shear Weak Bending of Recycled Concrete Column


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Analysis on Design Reliability of Strong Shear Weak Bending of Recycled Concrete Column
WANG Si-yuan12ZHU Ping-hua3YAO Rong2WANG Xin2HE Xia2
1.School of Civil Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China;2.Department of Civil Engineering,Yangzhou Politechnic College,Yangzhou 225009,China;3.Department of Civil Engineering,Changzhou University,Changzhou 213164,China
recycled concretes columns strong shear weak bending objective reliability enhanced shear coefficients
To evaluate whether recycled concretes meet the structural anti-seismic requirements,a method is proposed to calculate the reliability index of strong shear weak bending of recycled concrete columns under earthquake.The failure probability of strong shear weak bending of columns is considered as the probability of shear failure prior to bending failure.Using the method here,the design reliability indices are analyzed in terms of different sectional sizes,longitudinal reinforcing steel bar ratios,hoop steel ratios and enhanced shear coefficients.The results show that the design reliability index of the strong shear weak bending of recycled columns are lower than that of ordinary concrete columns when applying the same design parameters;it increases with the increase of the longitudinal reinforcing steel bar ratio,declines with the increase of the axial force ratio and hoop steel ratio,and maintains invariable when changing sectional sizes;to obtain the same target reliability index of common concretes,the enhanced shear coefficients should be improved by 0.05.


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