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Drying Intensity of Fluidized Bed with Novel Corrugated Gas Distributor


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Drying Intensity of Fluidized Bed with Novel Corrugated Gas Distributor
LIU Wei1GAO Wen-yi2YANG Song-xiang1LI Feng1WANG Shou-fang1ZHANG Yan-li1
1.School of Electrical and Automatic Engineering,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China;2.Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,Shangyu 312369,China
inert particles fluidized beds corrugated gas distributors drying intensity
To improve the operation efficiency of an inert particle fluidized bed,a novel gas distributor with a corrugated surface structure is designed and manufactured based on the research of the traditional flat distributor with a straight hole structure and the relevant modified distributor with a tilted hole structure.With the detergent suspension employed as a model system,the production operation performance of the novel distributor is investigated by testing the change curves of drying intensity with respect to gas intake rate,gas intake temperature,inert particle diameter,feed volume flow and static bed height of inert particles.The results show: under the same operation conditions,compared with loading the relevant modified distributor with tilted hole,the operation pressure drop of the equipment with the novel gas distributor is added by 6%~10%,while the drying intensity increases by about 15%~30%,and the operation efficiency is improved.


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