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Experimental Study of Non-resonant Self-circulation Heat Transfer Loop for Thermoacoustic Engines


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Experimental Study of Non-resonant Self-circulation Heat Transfer Loop for Thermoacoustic Engines
GAO Bo12LUO Er-cang1DAI Wei1CHEN Yan-yan1HU Jian-ying1
1.Key Laboratory of Cryogenic,Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China;2.Department of Building Science,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China
thermoacoustic engines non-resonant self-circulations heat transfer loops check valves pressure distribution heat transfer characteristics acoustic power dissipations pressure rates
The non-resonant self-circulation heat transfer loop is coupled with a thermoacoustic engine to research its real working characteristics.The effects of the check valves of two kinds of thickness on inner pressure distribution,heat transfer characteristics,acoustic power dissipation and pressure rate of this new heat transfer loop are studied under different operating conditions.A new type water-cooled heat exchanger is developed to replace the traditional plate heat exchanger to reduce the resistance loss and acoustic power dissipation in this new heat transfer loop.The experimental results show the amount of heat transfer of the loop with 0.1 mm valve disc thickness is 1.05 kW with 1.5 kW heat input into the system while the mean pressure of the working gas is 3.0 MPa and the driving frequency is 66 Hz and the heat transfer capacity is higher than the traditional heat exchanger.


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