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Degrading Characteristics of Two Petrolecm-degrading Strains


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Degrading Characteristics of Two Petrolecm-degrading Strains
ZHANG Lu-jinYANG QianCHEN Zhong-xiangZHANG Xiang-dong
Department of Life Science and Technology,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
petroleum biodegradation degrading characteristics orthogonal tests gas chromatography-mass spectrum
To study the bioremediation technology of the petroleum contaminated soil,the influential factors of petroleum biodegradation and the optimizing degradation conditions of two petrolecm-degrading strains of Pseudomonas sp.ZL13 and Alcaligenes sp.ZL21 are researched by orthogonal test.Their degradation ability for different components of the crude oil is studied by the technology of gas chromatography-mass spectrum(GC-MS).The results show that the influential factors of two strains are oil mass concentration and temperature.Under the optimum conditions,the crude oil degradation rates by ZL13 and ZL21 after seven days’ incubation is 72.68% and 73.10%.The two strains can effectively degrade most components of the crude oil.The degradation ability of strain ZL21 is better than that of strain ZL13.


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