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Shadow Detection and Removal in Single Outdoor Nature Scenes


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Shadow Detection and Removal in Single Outdoor Nature Scenes
HU YongZHAO Chun-xia
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
shadow detection shadow removal Gaussian distribution Retinex
In order to improve the ability of Retinex algorithm in shadow removal,a novel algorithm is proposed to detect and remove shadows based on Gaussian distribution and Retinex model. Using gray distribution information,original images are segmented to three regions: shadow,penumbrae and umbra regions. The Retinex algorithm is adopted in shadow and umbra regions separately to extract and eliminate the effect of the illuminant. After the bilinear interpolation is used for filling up the penumbra region,a shadow-free image is finally obtained. The proposed algorithm achieves good performances in shadow detection and removal,and the halo artifacts generated by the Retinex algorithm in the high dynamic range area is avoided. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of this algorithm.


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