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Detection and Location of Transient Power Quality Disturbances Based on Adaptive Lifting Scheme


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Detection and Location of Transient Power Quality Disturbances Based on Adaptive Lifting Scheme
YANG Han-sheng
Department of Physics and Electronic Science,Chaohu College,Chaohu 238000,China
lifting schemes adaptation algorithms transient power quality disturbance detection
In order to further improve the accuracy of detecting and locating the transient power quality,this paper analyses the correlation of the transient power quality disturbances and determines the prediction and updated parameters of lifting scheme. The transient power quality problems such as voltage swell,voltage sag,voltage interruption,impulsive transient and oscillatory transient are simulated using MATLAB. The simulation results show that the method can accurately detect the above-mentioned five kinds of transient power quality disturbances. The results can give theoretical support to the design of power quality analyzer.


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