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Investigation on Angular Motion Characteristics and Its Affecting Factors for Projectile Equipped with a Pair of Canards


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Investigation on Angular Motion Characteristics and Its Affecting Factors for Projectile Equipped with a Pair of Canards
CHANG Si-jiangWANG Zhong-yuanSHI Jin-guangLI Yan
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
flight vehicle control navigation technology canard control trajectory models angular motion angles of attack controllable trajectory
TJ765. 4
In order to provide evidence for designing the aerodynamic shape and ballistic parameters of a projectile equipped with canards,the angular motion characteristics under the action of a pair of canards is investigated. The trajectory model with canard control is established. Based on the general angular motion equation,the special solution is obtained concerning the instantaneous action of canards. The transient process of angular motion is analyzed as well as its influencing factors. The effect of spin rate and some other factors on the variation of angle of attack is also discussed through the simulation. The results indicate that there exists great differences among the transient processes with different aerodynamic shape parameters of canards; the spin rate and the maximum flight slant range have significant influence on the flight stability; the correcting direction has a little influence on the maximum amplitude of angle of attack when the projectile velocity is relatively great.


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