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Two Kinds of Antennas for Miniature RFID Reader


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Two Kinds of Antennas for Miniature RFID Reader
SONG Zhao-huiYUAN LeLIU Ying-hong
School of Electronics and Information Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
radio frequency identification reader miniaturization planar inverted-F-antenna doubleslot antennas
To meet the design requirements of the miniaturization of ultra high frequency( UHF) band radio frequency identification( RFID) reader,this paper presents two miniaturization design methods of antenna. The miniaturization of planar inverted-F-antenna( PIFA) can be achieved through slotting along the edges of the patch all around. Two quarter wavelength slits are added on a slot antenna to increase resonant paths which can widen the band of the antenna. Effects of various parameters on antenna performance are analyzed and compared,and the results of simulation and experiment show that the two antennas work in the UHF band with eligible gain and bandwidth characteristics.


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