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Optical Diagnosis on Semiconductor Bridge Plasma


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Optical Diagnosis on Semiconductor Bridge Plasma
ZHANG LinFENG Hong-yanZHU Shun-guanZHANG Wen-chao
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
semiconductor bridge plasma plasma components radiant intensity plasma speeds
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To overcome the restriction of small size and short duration of semiconductor bridge( SCB) plasma,the emission spectral method and intensified charge couple device ( ICCD) are used for the diagnosis of SCB plasma. The emission spectrum indicates that the SCB plasma is comprised of aluminium and iron,copper,silicon atom and also copper and silicon ion. The electron density of plasma is calculated with stark-broadening principle and it is about 1016 cm-3 . The plasma radial and axial sizes are about 500 ~2 000 μm. At the moment of 1 μs,the plasma speed in radial direction is about 1 km/s and the speed in axial direction is 0. 7 km/s. The speed declines to the minimum at 5 μs. The results provide instructions for the SCB plasma chemical reaction analysis,bridge design and charge condition. The analytical technique is suitable for other transient and small-size plasma systems.


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