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Inverse Non-steady Natural Convection Problem Including Moving Interface Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm


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Inverse Non-steady Natural Convection Problem Including Moving Interface Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
HU Cheng-yao12HUANG Pei12
1. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Nanjing University of Technology; 2. State Key Laboratory of Materials-oriented Chemical Engineering,Nanjing 210009,China
inverse problems parameter identification natural convective mass transfer genetic algorithm moving interface
TQ021. 14
To effectively study natural convection inverse problems,a new approach based on hybrid genetic algorithm for an inverse non-steady natural convection problem including moving interface is proposed. It transforms the inverse problem of parameter identification into solution of optimization problem using hybrid genetic algorithm. The direct problem is numerically solved by the finite element method. The hybrid genetic algorithm is encoded in real number,and its performance is improved by introducing a local optimization algorithm based on simple genetic algorithm. The numerical simulation results show that the method can effectively solve the inverse natural convection problem including moving interface,mass transfer and flow,and has higher accuracy and quicker convergent speed than the existed methods and is easy to program and calculate.


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