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Gradient-enhanced Least Squares Support Vector Regression


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Gradient-enhanced Least Squares Support Vector Regression
ZHOU Xiao-jianMA Yi-zhongLIU Li-pingWANG Jian-jun
School of Economics and Management,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
support vector machine least squares support vector regression gradient computer experiments
To solve the problem of the larger number of samples being required to improve the regression accuracy in the least squares support vector regressions( LS-SVR) ,a model of gradient-enhanced least squares support vector regression ( GE-LSS-VR) is proposed. After changing the objective functions and constraint conditions,the gradient is introduced into the model,and the decision function is reconstructed. Three benchmark functions are used to verify the model. Three commonly-used measurement criterions are used to compare the experimental results. The results show that the model presented here can achieve an ideal regression accuracy at the cost of smaller samples.


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