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Risk Total Cost of Ownership of Supply Chain Management System with SaaS Mode


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Risk Total Cost of Ownership of Supply Chain Management System with SaaS Mode
MENG Fan-shengYIN Peng
School of Economics and Management,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001,China
risk cost total cost of ownership supply chain management
C931. 1
In order to solve the problems in the promotion of supply chain management system of SaaS( Software as a service) mode,this paper analyzes the cost structure of total cost of ownership ( TCO) to set up a risk total cost of ownership( RTCO) model,and points out quantitative measuring methods of risk cost,which have been validated. The result shows that there is a cost paradox of using the SaaS mode,mainly caused by risk factors,between the market with supply chain management and the advantage of its theory; risk costs can be quantified and associated with the risk preference of evaluating frame; RTCO model can provide quantitative decision-making evidence for users.


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