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Influence of Load Distribution on Long-term Operation Characteristics of Ground Source Heat Pump System


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Influence of Load Distribution on Long-term Operation Characteristics of Ground Source Heat Pump System
YU Yan-shunMA Juan
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
ground source heat pump system load distribution thermal incubation effect long-term operation characteristics
In order to study the long-term operation characteristics of the ground source heat pump system(GSHPs)in various building load distributions,the heat transfer model considering the groundwater seepage of the underground heat exchanger system is established.The 10-year continuous simulations of GSHPs for hotel buildings in Beijing,Harbin and Shanghai with the typical load distribution are performed,and the long-term operation characteristics of GSHPs in regions are analyzed.The results show that the influence of thermal incubation effect on operation characteristics can be ignored in Beijing which is a load balance region.However,in Harbin(with load ratio 6.6∶1)region,the maximum and minimum outlet temperatures of the pipe decrease 3.8 ℃,and in Shanghai(with load ratio 1∶3.6)they increase 5.6 ℃ in the 10-year operation,and the amplitude of tempera-tures are 0.38 ℃/a and 0.56 ℃/a,respectively.


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