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High Capacity Information Hiding Algorithm Resisting to JPEG


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High Capacity Information Hiding Algorithm Resisting to JPEG
XIE Jian-quan12XIE Qing2HUANG Da-zu12YANG Chun-hua1
1.Department of Information Management,Hunan Finance and Economics College,Changsha 410205,China;2.School of Information Science and Engineering,Central South University,Changsha 410083,China
information hiding hiding capacity discrete cosine transform joint photographic experts group compression invariance properties
In order to improve the hiding capacity and resistance to compression in a lot of information hiding algorithms,this paper proposes a hiding algorithm in which information is embedded in high frequency coefficients in discrete cosine transform(DCT).Invariance properties of joint photographic experts group(JPEG) compression are analyzed.Information hiding capability is determined adaptively by the smoothing performance of child blocks so that hiding capacity is increased under the condition of invisibility.Experimental results show that this proposed algorithm has great robustness against loss compression within default quality factors and better ability against noise.


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