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Guidance and Control System Design for Gliding Extended Range Projectile


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Guidance and Control System Design for Gliding Extended Range Projectile
WANG Xu-gangWANG Zhong-yuanSHI Jin-guang
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
gliding extended range projectiles guidance control scheme trajectory
To make the gliding extended range projectile track the scheme trajectory and meet the fall point accuracy,the guidance and control system is designed.The robust variable structure controller based on the altitude control is designed to make the projectile track the scheme trajectory accurately.To enhance the attack precision,the proportional guidance law is used to make the projectile attack the aim precisely when the projectile flies near the aim place.According to the assumption of moment balance and the effect of weight,the overload is changed to the deflectable angular command of control surface and the open loop autopilot is designed.The phase lead angle is added to the actuator command to decrease the tracking error of the actuator.The six degrees of freedom simulation shows that the guidance and control system can make the projectile track the scheme trajectory precisely and the errors of fall point less than 1 m.The method presented here meets the need of the guidance and control system.


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