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Integrated Navigation Technology of Reusable Booster Vehicle


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Integrated Navigation Technology of Reusable Booster Vehicle
HAN Peng-xinMU Rong-junCUI Nai-gang
Department of Astronautics Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
reusable booster vehicle integrated navigation partitioned matrix inversion partial information fusion
To improve the navigation accuracy of a rocket powered reusable booster vehicle(RBV)in a fly-back mode,an integrated navigation scheme is designed.The system error models under the launch point inertial coordinate are established.The multi-sensor information fusion technology based on federated filters is improved.According to the characteristics of the estimation error covariance matrix,a new kind of partial information fusion method of inversion of partitioned matrix is proposed.The relative simulations under the typical flight situation validate that the integrated navigation scheme and algorithm improves the navigation accuracy of RBV fly-back process,especially the landing point.Compared with the inertial navigation system,the positioning error of the integrated navigation system decreases from hectometer to within 5 m,the speed trial error decreases from 0.2~1.0 m/s to within 0.01 m/s,the attitude determination accuracy improves from 0.1′ to 0.02′.


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