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Novel Algorithm for Array Shape Estimation of Horizontal Flexible Long-line Hydrophone Array


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Novel Algorithm for Array Shape Estimation of Horizontal Flexible Long-line Hydrophone Array
LIANG Guo-longLIU KaiJI Jian-feiFU Jin
National Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
horizontal flexible long-line array array shape estimation wideband spherical wave weighted subspace fitting
To obtain a true array shape of a horizontal flexible long-line hydrophone array and improve the performance of the subsequent signal processing algorithm,a novel algorithm for array shape estimation is proposed.With the assumption that the signal emitted by auxiliary sources is a wideband spherical wave,a fitting function is first constructed based on the theory of weighted subspace fitting through the eigen-decomposition of the covariance matrix at each frequency point.The off-line estimation of a array shape is attained using Gauss-Newton and alternating-projection algorithm.Four main kinds of error sources are analyzed which can deteriorate the performance of this algorithm in practice.Simulation results show that this new algorithm extend the limit of auxiliary sources’ bandwidth and distance,and has better performance and robustness than the algorithm in which plane wave and narrowband source is utilized.


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