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Synthesis of Graphite Oxide-tin Oxide Composites and Its Adsorption Property


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Synthesis of Graphite Oxide-tin Oxide Composites and Its Adsorption Property
ZHANG Li-li12FU Yan1WANG Wei-wei1LU Lu-de2WANG Xin2
1.School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Huaiyin Normal University,Huai’an 223300,China;2.School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
graphite oxides tin-oxide adsorption methyl oranges
Graphite oxide(GO)is taken as the substrate to fabricate a novel kind of GO-based composite materials to improve its superior adsorption and expand its application in the waste water disposal field.Graphite oxides-tin oxide(GO-SnO2)composites are fabricated through refluence-condensation loading technique by loading SnO2 on GO.The obtained composite materials are characterized by X-ray diffraction,scan electron microscopy and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller measurements.The results show that GO is entirely exfoliated into single flake during the synthetic process,and SnO2 nanoparticles are loaded onto the single GO piece evenly.Adsorption removal of methyl oranges is used as the model system to investigate the adsorption properties of GO-based composites.After loading SnO2,the adsorption property of GO is improved greatly.The removal of methyl oranges(20 mg/L solution)is up to 99.9% within 10 min using GO-SnO2 as the absorbant.


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